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Fadenlifting in Nürnberg

Thread lift in Nuremberg

Are you interested in a thread lift? Then I am your right contact person. As the skin loses tension with age, wrinkles gradually form around the mouth, nose and eyes. The first signs of skin aging can be seen from the age of 30. The neck and décolleté areas also change. Many people do not feel comfortable with it because they lose a lot of charisma.

Wrinkles can be smoothed out with a thread lift without a scalpel. A thread lift without surgery on the face can lift sunken eyebrows and tighten sagging parts of the face. A youthful and fresh appearance can be regained with a thread lift. This method is also suitable for use in the neck and décolleté area. There, the threads can tighten and remodel the skin. Initial successes have also been recorded in the treatment of cellulite and overstretched skin.

Your advantages of a thread lift with us

  • Years of experience

  • We are personally available to you before and after the treatment

  • Individual & comprehensive advice

  • Thread lift in Nuremberg


  • Duration of treatment: 0.45-1.5 hours

  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia

  • Stay: Outpatient

  • Follow-up treatment: scar care, make-up possible after thread removal

  • Work/social ability: immediately

    Benefits of wrinkle treatment with threads

    The advantages of wrinkle treatment with threads as an alternative to a classic facelift are obvious: it can be carried out quickly and without incisions. The thread lift is considered a minimally invasive procedure, which means that there are no scars, as only small punctures are made instead of cuts. Very similar to the usual vaccination or blood draw at the family doctor, only the puncture sites have to heal. Smaller swellings can occur here, but these are to be understood as a completely natural reaction of the body. Such a small intervention can have a big impact! Many patients are enthusiastic about the naturally youthful appearance after the treatment. The wide range of applications for this form of skin tightening also makes it very popular in aesthetic surgery: not only expression lines on the face can be corrected. Eyebrows can also be lifted and sunken cheeks can be given more volume. This is how facial contours can be restored. Overall, the face can look younger, fresher and firmer: An alert, rested look can not only radiate positively on the environment, but also on one's own self-confidence.

    The advantages at a glance

    • The results are immediately visible

    • The tightening effect is natural

    • The treatment is short, the effect long

    • No surgery, no cuts in the skin

    • No stay in the practice clinic necessary

    • Material degradable by the body

    Thread lift method

    From a plastic point of view, the guiding principle of thread lifting is to use threads to connect the aged tissue to deeper-seated tissue, thus smoothing the skin. Thread lifts are becoming increasingly popular in aesthetic surgery because, unlike face lifts, they do not require any incisions. This type of wrinkle treatment is a particularly gentle method. Since the special threads are made of polylactic acid, they will completely dissolve over the course of two years. However, the threads can also promote a slight tightening of the connective tissue, so that the positive results can be visible for more than 2 years. The treatment can be repeated at any time after the threads have completely dissolved. Thread lifting is often combined directly with wrinkle injections in order to achieve the best possible results. The thread lift is suitable for the treatment of mild to moderately severe wrinkles. There are two different methods of thread lifting. There are also threads that cannot be broken down by the body. Due to common problem, we do not offer the non-degradable threads. After all, your own safety comes first. After treatment with threads, there may be slight swelling or minor hematomas in the treated areas, which can heal after a week. If you should have any questions or complaints during this time of healing, we are of course at your disposal. Possible treatment areas with a thread lift

    The following areas can be treated with a thread lift:

    • face

    • Forehead

    • cheeks

    • Jaw

    • neck, cleavage

    • eyebrows

    Suitable for a thread lift

    In general, a thread lift can smooth wrinkles that appear between the ages of 30 and 50 due to advancing age. However, after the age of 50, the skin often sags so much that a face lift alone could no longer lead to a satisfactory result for the doctor and patient. However, this can also be clarified in a personal consultation at the practice in Hanover. For example, thread lifting could also be combined with other forms of wrinkle treatment or replaced with a facelift.

    Treatment process of a thread lift

    After a detailed, individual consultation with the doctor treating you, the wrinkle treatment can be carried out by thread lifting on an outpatient basis. Since the procedure is considered minimally invasive, it does not require a long stay in the practice. The procedure usually takes an hour and is usually performed under local anesthesia. During the treatment, special, high-quality threads with small cone-shaped barbs are placed under the skin and anchored. The sutures are inserted using a hollow needle. This anchoring can be supported by the attending physician with light movements and massages. The desired part of the face can be lifted and tightened by gently pulling. There is no need to remove the threads at a later date, as these special threads made of polylactic acid dissolve themselves. The positive effect of skin tightening through thread lifting is visible immediately after the procedure. However, it can also intensify over time, since the connective tissue can be strengthened in the areas where the threads are placed. Several threads can be placed at once during a thread lift. This form of lifting is often coupled with other wrinkle treatment methods, such as treatment with fillers. Make an appointment for a consultation Do you have questions about a specific treatment? Use our contact form now to arrange a consultation appointment! We will get back to you within 2 business days.

    After face lift treatment

    After the thread lift in Hanover, the patients can usually go straight home and are "socially acceptable" again. In the first hours after the wrinkle treatment, it is recommended to put cooling compresses on the treated area and to sleep with your head elevated for three days. In this way, possible swelling can be avoided. Strong facial expressions such as grimaces, sports and direct sunlight should also be avoided in the first few days. In addition, other effects of high heat on the skin, such as going to the sauna, should be avoided. Patients who are taking medication that thins the blood, such as aspirin or marcumar, should stop taking it at least two weeks before the procedure - in consultation with their family doctor, of course. Unfortunately, patients with very thin subcutaneous tissue are usually not well suited for this form of wrinkle smoothing, since the threads have to be anchored in the deeper tissue of the skin. Also, a thread lift cannot be performed if the skin condition is inflamed. The lift can then only be carried out after the diseased skin has healed.

    Risks and complications of a thread lift

    Since this procedure of skin smoothing does not involve incisions in the skin, it is considered to be an extremely gentle procedure with a very low risk of possible complications. Since there are no incisions in the skin, the risk of infection in the wounds is significantly lower compared to invasive procedures. However, a possible intolerance to the material from which the threads are made must be ruled out before the treatment. Nevertheless, after a thread lift, there can be very slight bruising and swelling, which will subside after a few days. Side effects after a thread lift are very rare. We treat in our practice in Geibelstr.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How long does a thread lift last?

    Such treatment usually lasts up to 2 years. However, this differs depending on the method.

    How much does a thread lift cost?

    The costs vary depending on the method, the treatment area and whether the treatment is combined with another. We offer this treatment from €450.

    Thread lift which threads?

    Our treatment uses premium PDO threads made from polylactic acid. You will receive further information in a personal consultation.

    Thread lift how often?

    Such a face lift can be repeated every 2 years.

    Thread Lift Before After

    I would be happy to show you before and after pictures of a thread lift on site.

    Individual advice

    It is essential that we, as the treating physicians, understand and implement your wishes. Before a thread lift in Nuremberg, just like before any other medical treatment, a personal examination should be carried out. In a detailed consultation, the method and scope of the thread lift can be tailored to your wishes and all the advantages and risks of a treatment can be discussed so that you are well informed about the possible procedure. A relationship of trust between doctor and patient is important so that no misunderstandings and the resulting problems can arise. You should be able to put yourself in the hands of your doctor without hesitation. You can make a personal consultation appointment in our practice in Nuremberg right here.

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